Thursday, July 17, 2008

The day every little girl dreams of

since she was five. Let me move forward and rephrase. It is time to start actual planning of the day this little girl dreamt about since she was five. I could lie, like I have been for at least the last 4 years and say that I wasn't really ready to get married, but turns out I was. Or maybe up until life became more adultish, I was ready to plan the party, but not necessarily ready for the title of Wifey = Matt's number one.

Anyway so he asked me and I said yes and so starts a whirlwind of fancy planning with dresses (whoop whoop), decorations, flowers, up-dos, down-dos, half-up dos (so many choices), bridesmaids, parties, invites, etc etc etc. And the list went on.

Friends have sent me fun packages with magazines and books and cards with my new initials displayed proudly on the front of the envelope. Don't know why that is significant? Take a moment. Matt's last name is S...--My name is Amber SJR (traditionally the bride takes the grooms last name) please proceed with some brainwork as I continue on my rant. I am working really hard on not focusing on how f-ing incredibly expensive it is to get married in SoCal. Andrea sent me a very useful book titled "How to plan a church wedding for under $5,000. At first I was so optimistic about the usefulness of the book, and as it turns out there are some really great hints and tips for being a blissful yet budget conscious bride. Sadly enough the reception is already looking to cost twice what the wonderful woman budgeted for her entire wedding. And so the planning went on.

Prices and cost aside. This day is going to be incredible. I think I have decided on colors, yet they will probably change. Deep Purple and Kelly Green. Yet it will be happening in July in Pasadena so I might want to make the bridesmaid dresses a bit less dark so I do not end up being responsible for their premature deaths as a result of overheatedness (is that even a word).

So for those of you lovelies who read my little rants and raves....any suggestions and or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!