Sunday, June 7, 2009

One last time

It is sunny out today, here in Laguna Beach. Sadly, I am inside working on my thesis one last time. Tomorrow is the day I present my project to a jury of my peers, and it is the last time I will talk about my paper to people who care (or more likely, are being forced to listen).

This is the last time I will be sitting in the quiet of the beach house while everyone else is celebrating the nice day by sitting on the beach.

There are many different things coming up in the next few months. One major thing is out of the way--Graduation. After what Matt would refer to as a long 2.5 years I walked with my friends down an aisle of grass wearing a bright flower lei. The dean handed me a red leather folder supposedly holding a piece of paper adornming me with a title of Master, offically making me a more expensive yet more accomplished Teacher. Little did those people in the small, although welcoming audience know--that folder held only a letter from Chapman's alumni association setting me up for the countless requests for donations I can look forward to exiling to the recycling bin, most of which will never be opened.

Yes. Graduation is done and out of the way. Now comes the wedding and the job search.

I can admit that this is not an exciting post, but one that will showcase to my readers the fact that I am still living and breathing. I can say that there will be more to come, but if you review my blog and are aware of my inability to write spontanious bits of comedy you will know that it may be a long while before I blog again.