Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flushed Away

It was a normal day in the OC except my parents and little sister were in town from Oregon.  Matt and I had been having a text conversation about who knows what and I had to pee.   So I placed my perfect phone; one that has been dropped thousands of times and still worked amazingly well, one that had all 70 of my contacts, pictures of random fun stuff, etc into my pocket.  

Into the bano I went. I finished my business, flushed, and proceeded to pull up my blue plaid bermudas when suddenly and in what seemed like slow motion, my phone jumped out of my pocket and fell into the bowl of germs while the water was swirling counterclockwise. I gasped in disgust and went straight into phone survival mode as I stuck my hand into that water (which at this point was clean and clear BTW) and grasped for my phone.  It was just out of my reach every time I my fingers nearly clasped onto its antenna,  My hand and arm followed it as far up the pipes as they could but it was always just out of reach.

After I realized that my phone had entered the point of no return I grabbed the soap and scrubbed my arm and then after that I scrubbed it some more to get all of the toilet off of it.  I dried off and walked out of the room with a feeling of both embarrassment because I had my phone in the bathroom and hilarity due to what seems like a pretty unique situation.  I have heard many stories since i began sharing mine of phones that have fallen victim to the toilet, but there is one element of my story that makes it one for the history books, and that is the timing of my phones decent from my shorts to the bowl and then its subsequent journey up the pipes.

So in conclusion, I send out a plea.  Does anyone have an old but usable verizon phone that they would care to donate to a poor college student who is planning a wedding and needs a good working phone?  I am using Matt's right now, but it holds charge like an 80 year old man.

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