Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Car happens to be Republican

I was listening to my favorite band of all time....The Dixie Chicks in my car today and one of the most controversial songs that they have ever written, and also one of my favorites, came on the player. "I'm Not Ready to Make Nice"

This song was, of course, written after the Chicks made a very bold political statement regarding their and the President of the United States, George W. Bush, place of shared permanent residency...The great state of Texas.

So I was getting ready to belt out the song in my best car Karaoke voice....almost as if I am an integral part of the very strong and united band.....and low and behold the song skipped. It teased me with the counter, numbers making their way up from .01 seconds on and as I sat waiting for the banjo to start strumming, the counter reached .08 and the song skipped.

Now I pushed the back button and all was good, the song came on and Martie, Natalie, Emily, and myself sang to our hearts content.

After our musical performance had concluded, I checked the cd twice over for scratches and couldn't find a one. Racking my brain for an answer I looked around....I was in a Ford. It was my car that did it. My car, the Ford Focus, is a member of the ford family of vehicles and I am pretty sure Henry Ford, creator of a certain Model-T was voting right wing red all the way......

I am going to have to have a talk with my Focus about the importance of sharing political opinions without letting it get out of control, and commanding the CD player to skip one of my favorite songs just because of its history of being right wing is way out of line!

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Andrea said...

Smart car! Tehehehe ;)