Saturday, March 29, 2008

In the dark

Well, I have to admit, Earth hour has come and gone and we embraced it whole heartedly. By we, I mean myself and my nephew THOR, he is a cavachon, a big fluffy white dog. We turned out the lights at 8pm, although I did enjoy some sudoku under the dim glow of a flashlight (hopefully that is allowed).

It was harder than I thought, at first I thought maybe because THOR was coming over we wouldn't be able to do it, but it seemed that wasn't the case. In fact, I think THOR liked Earth Hour. It was a time where there were no loud bangs or screeches or people talking on the tv. This little pup is a scaredy cat, he jumps at everything. THOR and his mom and dad (Andrea and Cody) are visiting their friends who live in San Clemente. The friends have a one-year old, so their home all is hustle and bustle, too much excitement for my man THOR. If I were THOR I would like Earth Hour too, the room all nice and quiet.

EH was also hard because it was a time where I could not turn to the internet or my IPOD or my friends on TV for entertainment. It was old skool like Oregon trail times when people wrote stories and read them alod by firelight.

All in all I was glad to have taken part in this environmental movement, and pleased to hear that people all over the world were taking part in it during 8pm their time. Thank goodness for the fact that people are finally coming to the realization that something has to be done.

Here, Here to the World Wildlife Foundation for creating this movement, and for getting the word out so effectively. I know I will mark this day for years to come!

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