Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I heard about this craze on the news this evening. DOGA. Can you figure it out? If you are smart and on top of it, you have already concluded that this acronym stands for Dog Yoga. Apparently, there are DOGA classes across the globe in places ranging from New York to Japan and everywhere in between.

This should definitely be added to the blog, Stuff White People Like. When was the last time there had been a fad so off the wall....let's revisit the past. Barrettes that looked like little hats, shabby chic furniture, ponchos, hammer pants, snap bracelets (loved em), wearing clothes backward (think CrissCross), garbage pail kids, etc.

I don't think that even I could jump on the DOGA bandwagon, regardless of the fact that I have no dog. There is a reason in yoga we have downward facing dog, because they already do it. Yoga is about listening to the Earth and finding peace and I don't think that having your (insert appropriate breed of dog here) running around your mat and your body as you are trying to contort or perfect your headstand would be provide for a very productive yoga practice.

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aea said...

I would TOTALLY bring THOR along for yoga... if I actually did yoga. I think having him there would be the only way I would enjoy it, hahaha