Friday, April 25, 2008

Home Work

I used to get pretty heated by people who thought it was a woman's duty to be in the kitchen and to stay at home rearing the children. The idea still seems pretty archaic to me, I really don't see this idea having any worth in today's world. It is not a woman's obligation or duty to be susie homemaker just because she has a set of knockers.

There are three different kind of woman I will touch on in this post. There is the woman who works 40-60hrs a week and does not have time to ALSO be the person responsible for everything that needs to be done in the home. There is the woman who is OC, what I mean by that is, she carries her dog in a bag with her, wears ginormous diamonds (most likely mined from conflict), lives for her giant fake boobs and the man who pays for her every need (and has a maid, mind you, so none of the cleaning really matters to her, but she is still at home 80% of the day being rich and fake and boring) and there is the woman who has chosen to stay at home and raise the children and be a an active member in the community and her children's lives.

That being said there is a sort of debacle I have been having in my personal life that relates to said subject. I kind of fall in between the first woman described and the third. I have been working full time the last three months in an unpaid student teaching position. It has been a crazy time with lots to do with school work, planning, and the dreaded TPA's (my personal assessments, not that you care). So life has been crazy even though I have been getting home early enough to take care of some stuff around the house.

For those of you who know me, you know I am both a terrible cook and a person who doesn't love cooking (if you need to know why, please see previous part of the sentence). I also do not love housework. I dont mind vacuuming, but our vacumn isn't working well. Dusting is annoying and dishes are not bad, but I get tired/lazy sometimes. Cleaning the toilet is gross and laundry is the worst. I sound so neggy right now. In reality I don't mind doing these things but have found myself rebelling against them. I am rebelling against the fact that I should be doing more housework as my man has been paying 80% our shared bills and he is amazing for doing so.

I do realize that because he is basically taking care of my financial needs it would be nice if I reciprocated by doing some crap around the house so he doesn't really have to worry about it. But my struggle lies in the vision I have of a woman, me, in a gingham jumper dress pulling a pot roast out of a steaming oven and placing that and the side dishes on a nice piece of china and then setting it directly in front of my bf/husband who happens to be seated in front of the table I set in the middle of all of the other "chores" to be done around the house. Oh and don't forget the napkin he has placed in his shirt collar to not dirty his nice, starched, work shirt.

The reality is that this is not the case at all. He helps with so much and at times even does more. Anyway, I guess at the end of the day my giving in to doing more housework does not ACTUALLY make me the next Doris Day, but just a contributor to the well being of our little pseudo family.

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