Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wedding Notes

So the big day, came and went, and was purely magical in all senses of the word. Matt and I both do not remember there being anyone aside from us in the church during the entirety of the ceremony. It was beautiful complete with scary baby faces, and I was more than appreciative to have everyone there who could make it and genuinely missed everyone who couldn't.

Kendal and Becca were the best number ones Matt and I could have had. Their speeches were priceless and Becca really worked her magic as maid of honor. The flowers glowed with life and were exactly as I had imagined they would be. Moms and Dads all did their jobs of keeping the peace and making sure things got done.

The day was exactly as I had imagined with few stresses, aside from the nervous laughter as those giant Spanish doors opened and all of a sudden I had a hundred sets of eyes starting directly at me. It is a wonder that at my best friend's wedding a year and a half ago I could do nothing but cry, and when mine comes around I laugh my way all the way down the aisle. One laughs so she does not cry, I guess.

The reception was a great party. We paid the dj to stay another hour, and had more that a new "MVP's" thanks to the free beer and wine. You know who you are. As a testament to the type of party it was, here is a picture of my shoes in which I stayed in, the entire time.

Thank you to everyone who made this day everything I thought it would be, and more. I love you all.

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