Sunday, June 8, 2008


Perhaps I should be more of a dreamer. I live with someone who can be a dreamer. He dreams of trips to far off places, of houses, of a life full of big things.

Sometimes I can be too real, too far away from the possibilities floating about in my head.  I think about life in the now. I think about goals we have set (getting married and buying a house), and I think about how expensive those goals will be to follow through with.  Because my thoughts are centered around our bank accounts both now and future, I always end up being the dream squasher. The one who looks him right in the eye and says "well, what about this," or "what about that."  "How could we possibly do all of the things you keep talking about." 

I ask, why can't I be more of a dreamer.  I could say, "YESS, Let's do that!" Even if, in reality, there is no way that could happen along with all of the other goals we have for the future.  Could we go to South Africa in two years for the World Cup? Probably not, if we want to buy a house, but does that matter RIGHT NOW? No.  It doesn't.  Of course, we all know that I would be heading to a different part of Africa while my boy and his friends were watching Soccer.

Maybe I can learn a thing or two from the dreamer.  Dream big or go home.

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