Saturday, June 7, 2008

How White am I? stolen and edited to my tastes

If you haven't checked out the hysterical site Stuff White People Like, I highly recommend that you do. If not for the things listed that call out many white people in this country, do it for the heated comments that people leave who have no sense of humor/wouldn't get it to save their lives.

It blows me away that the author started this site in JANUARY OF THIS YEAR, and already he has a book coming out in July in addition to the nearly 30 million hits to his site to date. If only we could all be so lucky.

I was going through the list and started to wonder how truly white I am. And if I don't fall into the category of "white," what exactly does that make me then? Let's analyze:

Very me:

5. Farmers markets

6. Organic foods

7. Diversity

12. Non-Profit Organizations

15. Yoga

18. Awareness

19. Traveling

22. Having two last names (HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA not by choice)

32. Vegan/Vegetarianism

41. Indie Music

42. Sushi

43. Plays (if I could afford to go)

48. Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops

49. Vintage

51. Living by the water

59. Natural medicine

60. Toyota Prius

61. Bicycles

64. Recycling

65. Co-ed Sports

84. and 86. Shorts and T-shirts

Things white people like that I definitely don't like

29. 80's night

33. Marijuana

52. Sarah Silverman

63. Expensive Sandwiches

66. Divorce

76. Bottles of water

55. Apologies (I laughed so hard at this one... I heard a lady in Kohl's the other day say, "I'm sorry, those are mine," to an employee who was trying to organize the area and I wondered why in the world she felt the need to apologize for that fact.)

56. Lawyers (Oops... did I say that out loud?)

62. Knowing what's best for poor people

Anyway, you do the math. But per the list, I am pretty damn white. And i'm ok with that. As long as I am an open-minded, vegetarian, who loves plays, hybrid vehicles, recycling, indie music, and wearing t-shirts and shorts while I live by the water.

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